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Atacames - Jul och Nyår vid Stilla Havskusten

Ecuador (Atacames) 2005-12-28

(På engelska)

Den långa beachen i Atacames. Klicka på bilden för att förstora. Due to a (very) slow Internet we will only attach a few pictures, or maybe we will attach them when we are back in Quito, 1 January 2006. It is VERY VERY slow!!!

We wish You all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope that You are enjoying life!!!!! Remember; You only live once!!!

Together with Lina, Sophie and Peter we celebrated Christmas here in Atacames, a crazy little "beach town" on the Pacific ocean of Ecuador. Anders bought a Christmas tree from the Otavalo Indians and Lina and Sophie bought some Christmas gifts in the local market that was placed "under" the Christmas tree. To make it a little Swedish we had received a bottle of Glögg (made by the Scandinavian association in Quito - it was very good!!) from Patrick at Hostal Jhomana and Lina had brought some "pepparkakor" from Sweden. We bought some (salty!!) "mandlar" as well.
During the days we are most of the time reading or just relaxing in our beach chairs between surfing the waves - they are Big! The weather is warm and not that sunny (good for us!) and the water is also warm (good for us!), however there has been a change in the weather today so now we only have sun.

Lina and Peter also brought a bottle of Beaune Premier Cru (Wine from Bourgogne) as they know we love a good Bourgogne (well, the best is found at Estelle and Thierry’s wine yard in Pommard!!!!!). We had that nice wine yesterday - using our homemade glasses (a bottle of a 1/2-liter plastic coca-cola bottle that had been divided into two parts - well, we needed two bottles to make four glasses!!!) That is what we call Swedish creativity.

Every night we are enjoying different kinds of drinks in one of the (maybe) 30 bars on the beachfront! Every one of them tries to play music louder than the others, it is crazy!!!! A party place!!! And yes we have danced Salsa!!!

The food is good - a lot of seafood and fish and Peter have found the best pizza on this continent (at the restaurant with the funny name - No Name).

Many kisses from EvAnders and LinaPeter. Sophie is back in her (animal) business in Stockholm.